Why I Chose Sweden

I chose Sweden for several reasons (family was there, highest % of English speaking European country besides UK, etc), but the main reason I chose my school, Lund University, was because of a little known thing called Nations.

Nations are a sort of Greek-system frat society that Lund and Uppsala universities have, and has been a tradition ever since the school’s inception. In each school there are 13 Nations that represent the 13 geographical locations in Sweden. Every student can (or must?) join a Nation, as it is open to all students and not exclusive like frats are. Once you are in one Nation, you are free to attend the events of all the other ones (except for one of the Nations, which is apparently an extremist socialist Nation :S).

Now this is the awesome part: every Nation has 3 events each week: one club/pub night and one dinner (more on sittnings later). Multiply that by 13 Nations and you get a ton of events in one week. In the picture below, you can see that Sundays-Tuesdays are really the only days where partying is a bit more subdued.

As mentioned before, each Nation has a sittning per week. Sittnings are basically dinners where people eat, drink, and sing traditional Swedish songs. Is that awesome or what? I can’t wait for this.



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