Greetings from Lund!

Hej hej! This first week has been a huge adventure. Where do I begin? It’s the very first time that I’ve ever been in Europe, so all the experiences were new and stimulating. During this first week of orientation, I met an insane amount of people from all over the world (many from Canada, US, Australia, and Germany), I had countless admin and paper work to fill out and buildings to visit to speak to different faculty members and administrators, and I sat in on some presentation and lecture about the school and started learning Swedish.

School starts next week on the 21st, so this 10 day orientation is in full swing now and I’m getting used to the town (bought a bike, know where to get groceries, familiarizing myself with where to buy food/coffee, etc).

Here are some quick pictures of my journey from Vancouver to Lund:


Layover in London.


First night in Copenhagen on Wednesday. I needed to arrive at Copenhagen Airport before 6pm on Thursday to meet the mentors that take me to Lund University, but there were no flights that could take me there in time, so I arrived a night earlier and stayed with my cousin Freddy at his dorm in Copenhagen University.


Arrival in Lund and checking in to the Academic Building!


My dorm Spoletorp South. Known for its international students and their parties (more on this later on).

You’re all probably dying to know more about what this town has to offer, but since Lund is so awesome, it deserves another post altogether. Stay tuned!


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