The Nights Out

Being in Lund consists of going out night after night. Having only been here for two weeks, I’ve already averaged going out once every two days. From Wednesday until Saturday, it is very common to ask or to be asked “where are you going tonight?” or “which Nation is good tonight?” It’s as if the entire city is run by Nations and revolves around student life (clubs, pubs, dinners, etc), and the University, cops, etc take a blind eye to all the noise made in dorms, the empty beer bottles lying everywhere around the city, and the not so subtle displays of public intoxication by the city’s young inhabitants.

IMG_3665 IMG_3659

One more thing, as you can see in the list below, pre-gaming is religion in Lund. And boy do they love their flip cup during these pre-parties.


Here is a quick breakdown of my first two weeks for you:

Friday: Kalmar Nation and Post Dinner Pub

Saturday: Predrink at Delphi Dorm, Welcoming Party

Tuesday: Spoletorp South Dorm Party (more on this later)

Wednesday: Predrink at Spoletorp Dorm, Vastgota Nation

Friday: Predrink at Delphi Dorm, Hallands Nation

Saturday: Predrink at Spoletorp Dorm, Sydskanska Nation

Monday: Spoletorp North Dorm Party

Wednesday: Predrink at Spoletorp Dorm, Vastgota Nation

party 3 party 1

Back to Tuesday’s Spoletorp South party for just a sec: I created a Facebook group with all the exchange students that I met and told people to invite their friends, and the purpose of this group was to have some sort of forum for exchange students to rally people for parties, traveling, or any type of group outings.

One of our dorm mates was leaving so I suggested that we throw her a going away party. Sure enough, I posted this on the Facebook group and then started asking people by word of mouth. A day later, I met someone and asked them what they were doing that night (because I wanted to invite them to the party), and then they told me they were going to this party at Spoletorp South. Alas, the word of mouth worked. I posted this on a Friday or Saturday and the party was on a Tuesday. That means news had spread quite quickly within just a day or two.

On the day of, I remarked to my dorm mates: “It would be funny if no one showed up.” Instead, just the opposite happened. There were at least 100+ people that came to our corridor and you barely had space to stand.

DSC00136 DSC00138DSC00139 DSC00142

Oh, and here was our clean up at 4am in the morning.

DSC00159 DSC00149DSC00151 DSC00153


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